21 November 2011

Interesting hairstyle

Major Daniel Gano - County Court Clerk who created the 
first Commercial Greenhouse and Botanical Gardens in Cincinnatti - 1872

Men of various cultures and eras have braided their hair, and I've seen modern women with beads and fabric incorporated into braids, but would that be the explanation for the curious little sphere on this man's shoulder, or am I misreading the photo?

Via Victoria's Rusty Knickers.

Addendum: I originally titled this post "What's resting on this man's shoulder ?" (because I couldn't tell), but by consensus in the comments, that's just a tangle of curly hair at the end of the braid.  I guess you can tell I've never braided any hair.  Oh, well, this is a rather prosaic final post for the day; the choice was between him and some slime mold.  Maybe the latter would have been more exciting.


  1. Looks to me to be the "tassel" end of the braided hair, and it's curly so it has a ball-like shape.

  2. I believe it is just the unbound end of the pigtail which has curled under. The gentleman hasn't much hair. Thus the single curl appears to be a ball from this angle.

  3. He has curly hair and it is the curl at the end of his braid.

  4. I agree. The unbound ends of his hair are curling, and the end makes it look like a ball. Very common in curly-haired people who braid or tail their hair.

  5. I think the more immediate question is what the hell happened to the man's hair? Is he sitting with his back to a fan? Is that the world's first comb-forward?

  6. Jerry, when I was writing this post, I Googled his name and found some pix at an early age. No ponytail, but a prominent comb-forward.


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