23 November 2011

Is Gingrich channelling?

He prides himself on being a historian.  His recent criticism of the participants in OWS - "Go get a job, right after you take a bath" - is strikingly similar to this comment from the presidential campaign of 1968:
"You come up when I get through and I'll autograph your sandals for you. That is, if you got any on . . . You need a good haircut. That's all that's wrong with you. . . There are two four-letter words I bet you folks don't know: 'work' and 'soap.'"
Those not old enough to remember the incident will find the 1968 speaker identified at The Dish


  1. He is obviously thinking about the 60s-70s when hippies were smelly, taxes were high, and there were lots and lots of jobs.

  2. @Pokey
    Are you sure you don't mean "when hippies were high and taxes were smelly"? ;)

  3. when the hippies were high and all the jobs were smelly?

    no really, I find it very infuriating that he is accusing my generation of being stinky lazy hippies, especially considering that the OWS crowd is extremely diverse in age and personal opinion. I have had a job since i was 15 and have always worked very hard. His type of rhetoric just diminishes any sort of credibility he may have once had.

  4. Hey, to be fair.

    it's much easier to just hate rather than learn facts.


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