28 May 2011

There is only one political party in the U.S.

In a matter of just 3 years, we have gone from a Republican president invoking "national security" to criticize Democrat Senators for arguing against the "Patriot" Act, to a Democrat president invoking "national security" to criticize Republican Senators for arguing against the "Patriot" Act. 

Quote via Reddit.


  1. Vote for the Kleptocrat party in 2012.

  2. The hypocrisy on both sides is amusing.

  3. What is wrong with patriot Act as it is written today? I believe warrantless wiretaps are a thing of the past. So we have roving wiretaps with warrants, the 'lone wolf' provision (actually part of another law) and a court order provision allowing Feds to look at any business records. I have no problem with those things, as they need a judge to approve.

    Gag orders might be one provision I'd question, but I'm not sure.

    Again with the "There is no difference between Dems and Republicans." So naive, uninformed and simplistic. Laughable actually.

  4. You might want to put a "[sic]" after both uses of the word "Democrat" in that quote. The correct term is "Democratic."

    --Swift Loris

  5. Swift, I was quoting the source, and I know it's awkward and probably nonstandard usage, but (per Wikipedia)...

    "Some grammarians believe that the use of the noun "Democrat" as an adjective is ungrammatical. However, the use of a noun as a modifier of another noun is not grammatically incorrect in modern English in the formation of a compound noun, i.e. "shoe store," "school bus," "peace movement," "Senate election," etc. The use of nouns as adjectives is part of a broader linguistic trend, according to language expert Ruth Walker, She says, "We're losing our inflections – the special endings we use to distinguish between adjectives and nouns, for instance. There's a tendency to modify a noun with another noun rather than an adjective. Some may speak of "the Ukraine election" rather than 'the Ukrainian election' or 'the election in Ukraine,' for instance. It's 'the Iraq war' rather than 'the Iraqi war,' to give another example."

  6. For a while there I thought Obama was different. I've returned to my former cynicism, I'm sorry to say.

  7. The patriot act is ridiculous. Honestly, I really cannot deal with american politics anymore. People have become insane.

    BTW Democrat was used as an insult by the Republican party as well as the donkey as the parties symbol. However, fortunately or not, they both stuck.

  8. Do ya think? Big money don't care who's in charge. It's all the same to them.


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