19 May 2011

Roman gold medallion

According to the auction firm Numismatica Ars Classica and as reported by CoinWorld’s Jeff Starck, "A rare gold aurei medallion of ancient Rome established what auction officials claim is a new world record price in an April 5 auction" sold for $1,407,550 U.S...

The patriotic reverse represents Maxentius as the one charged by Roma herself to deliver the capital from the degradations threatened by Galerius. The inscription “to Eternal Rome, guardian of our emperor” speaks volumes of how Maxentius presented his case for sustaining the rebellion. On the obverse, Maxentius portrays himself bareheaded at a time when all of his contemporaries are crowned, and on the reverse he wears the robes of a senator. Every aspect of this must have been carefully considered in the hope that the recipient of this medallion would be assured that Maxentius did not rule as a despot, but humbly, and at the behest of Roma herself.
From Coinweek, via Professor Hex.

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