19 May 2011

"God Grew Tired of Us" - update

This video is an excerpt from the movie "God Grew Tired of Us," about children who were orphaned, abandoned, or displaced by the second Sudanese civil war.  Listen as these young men speak about the adaptations they need to make to live in this country - not just coping with dietary changes and strange technology, but dealing with Americans' curious social customs.

You can watch the full movie online here.  At the Sundance Film Festival in 2006, the film won both the "Grand Jury Prize: Documentary" and the "Audience Award" in the "Independent Film Competition: Documentary" category.

Via Reddit.

Update:  Posted last month.  I finally got the DVD from the library and watched it last night.  The clip above emphasizes the differences between life in rural Africa and urban America, but the take-home message of the movie is about the unity of humanity and the common desires and goals we all share.  It's a heartwarming movie and well worth viewing.


  1. Videostream doesn't work in my country :_(

  2. Yeah, it doesn't work for me either, Paulo. I get very frustrated trying to embed non-YouTube videos; this one was from National Geographic, so I thought it should work, but it didn't.

    This morning I've substituted an excerpt that I found on YouTube that seems to be equivalent to the one posted at NG.

  3. Thank you, Stan, you're the best ;)

  4. Amazing. I bet american indigenous population have the same difficulties of adaptation. Here in the south they have.

  5. It's refreshing to hear the term "american" applied to people south of the Equator - which is absolutely correct (but almost never expressed that way in this country).


  6. I know some leftists, most of them from Venezuela, who insist to use Abya Yala.

  7. they seem lovely =D

    it's such a shame western culture makes them feel so isolated.

  8. Which of course is not to imply that i think their own culture is in any way inferior, of course

    Urban cultures the world could all do with a bit of Sudanese style neighbourliness. I don't even know my own neighbours in suburban Sydney, and we're supposedly reputed to be a friendly lot!

    I feel for them, it would be like being adrift... and not just socially.

  9. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11878743

    this is the full movie
    found it through google
    its streaming
    i think its legal...

  10. I saw parts of this as a preview before it was released and forgot about it. I watched the whole thing on youtube (less ads) and I loved it. Thank you for posting it.


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