31 May 2011

Igor, come

The source appears to be Caption Time! at the LA Times/Blog in 2009.  It's unclear what genius came up with that marvelous caption.



  1. "That hump - didn't it used to be on the other side?"

    Must watch Young Frankenstein again.

  2. Shouldn't it be "which" genius?

  3. I am extremely disappointed beyond any conceivable notion of disappointment I have ever held prior to find that this blog is not, in fact, the bastion of liberal democrat worship which I thought it was in the interest of my conceited confirmation bias.

    Shame on you for mocking poor, poor Joe's awkward gait!

  4. Z, are you being humorous, or does he have a gait disturbance? (Since I have one, I'd be the last person ever to mock that in someone else).

  5. I don't believe he has any health issues of that variety (though the picture seems to suggest otherwise to my untrained eye).

    Prior comment intended only as parody of the indignation which seems to crop up here whenever political leanings (oftentimes inexplicably) manifest.


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