21 May 2011

Cat's paw letter opener

The New York Public Library has Charles Dickens' letter opener on display; the handle was crafted from the preserved paw of Dickens' favorite cat, Bob.

While looking for more information on this, I encountered a strange anecdote: "The kitten would snuff out Dicken's candle in order to gain his attention." I'll bet that was interesting.

Via Wired and Neatorama.


  1. My father had to "put out the cat" once. A long-haired calico we had, she was never very sharp, stood over a candle. He noticed a smell and reached for her slowly when he saw wisps of smoke. He rolled her over in his arms and patted her belly fur. She apparently purred, happy for the attention. If he'd made a fast brag for her, she might have run off and caught fire...and/or knocked the candle over.

    ...this is why you should put candles on shelves if you have pets. Especially dumb pets.

  2. Mine just lie on the keyboard when I'm at the 'puter.


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