26 May 2011

Air(borne) guitar

The top photo is self-explanatory.  I've appended the bottom one for contrast/comparison.  It's NOT tornado damage:
A Roma boy walked through rubbish behind houses in a settlement in Kosice, Slovakia, Wednesday.
Credit Petr Josek/Reuters, via the Wall Street Journal.


  1. well if it isn't the first post about my country on this blog.

  2. Third actually. I previously traced the history of the phrase "black sheep" -


    - and mentioned that the Slovak women's hockey team beat Bulgaria 82-0 -


    There's more about the Czech Republic, but I realize that's not the same...

    There are about 150 visits to this blog each month from Slovakia, most from Bratislava, but also Bresno, Kosice, Zilina, Presov, Michalovce etc., so I'd post more stuff, but I don't run across much in my sources.


  3. right, then it only was the first one i have noticed. my apologies :D.

    anywho, thanks for the great blog (i didn't even knew about the womens hockey team victory) and all the best.


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