23 May 2011

100 pianists playing 50 pianos in concert

At least one hopes "in concert," because otherwise it would be quite a cacophony.
"Lang lang Inspires" at the Royal Festival Hall in London culminates in a massed piano concert, with Chinese pianist Lang Lang performing alongside 100 young British pianists on 50 Steinway grand pianos.
I looked for a YouTube video this morning and didn't find one.

Addednum:  Anon found the video here.

Photo credit: Eddie Mulholland.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aO6_ONXp-Y
    Part of the "Lang Lang Inspires" series, Lang Lang performed with 101 young pianists aged 5-23, at Royal Festival Hall London, on 22 May 2011.

  2. When I was a kid in San Diego during the 50's every summer there would be a "100 pianos" piano concert. All the piano teachers all over the county would teach duets to their kids. The kids were divided by ability, and so there were about 10 pieces taught. The day would arrive, we'd all land at the amphitheatre in the Park, and music was heard by all. It was kind of fun.


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