23 May 2011

Subliminal message in a Dove advertisement ?

If you look at the background panels, the message is that Dove makes your skin smoother.  Viewing the models, the message might be that Dove makes you a) thinner, or b) whiter.

Via Reddit.


  1. Hum... I didn't see that. For me it was more "for all skin/body types". But then again, that's why it's called "subliminal" ;)

  2. Yes, it is for all skin/body types, but notice how they are arranged under a "before/after" comparison.

    It may be a coincidence. Or not.

  3. Squinting my eyes, I see this subliminal message on the left panel, "BLACK DON'T CRACK" and it's set in Cooper black font.

  4. The original composition may, may, have been a coincidence.
    But the numbers of pairs of eyes that this had to pass under to get into the magazine(?), and none of them saw fit to correct it, when it is perfectly obvious to the casual viewer and in fact there are probably people who have to check these ads to make sure they couldn't possibly be offensive, to anyone? That's no coincidence.
    Fact: White and slim is still seen by those in advertising and other forms of media as more desirable than darker and heavier. And this still gets shoved down our throats in so many ways.

  5. I think each of the three women was photographed separately. Someone (the art director, the client) decided which pose of each model that they liked the best. Because the darkest model was jutting out her elbow in the pose they selected, The person laying out the ad put her on the far left. Having her in either the middle or on the right would create an awkward space between the figures. And then they decided to put the white woman on the right because putting her in the center would make the white person too prominent. Next thing you know, you've made a gradient.

    I don't think it was intentional, but the result is unfortunate.

  6. Each of those women was for sure photographed separately, they possibly never even met. But do you think the only suitable image, of the hundreds if not thousands taken, was that one, with that pose?

  7. It doesn't work on me ~ I'm WAY more attracted to women with meat on their bones!!!

  8. My partner did an advert for a car company. There was a black guy and white guy in the car.
    (Stock photo from the company)
    The slogan they wanted read, "Feel free to compare us."

    When he submitted the advert the company were like, "Whoa, you can't run that."

    We were both like, "Huh? Why?"

    And they were like "..."

    I never noticed the colour of their skin or thought that you would "compare" them. And neither did he.

    For us, there were two guys in the car and the rental car company knew they were the best so weren't scared of comparison.

    I guess colour matters too much to some people.


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