28 May 2011

"Michele Bachmann is the female candidate for people who find Sarah Palin too intellectual."

Quote by Bill Maher, via Daily Kos.  Here are excerpts from "Why Palin is good for Bachmann," from the Washington Post:
While Bachmann is often seen as Palin Lite, keen political observers note that she’s better on her feet, a sharper speaker and, when you drill down to it, has a more attractive profile.

Bachmann also has the luxury of building her own brand over the next few months. And because we know she can raise money and attract attention, that image will be presented for the American people to make a decision about her.

Basically: If Bachmann can come off as a more serious, more reasoned and smarter politician than Palin, she could help herself immensely in the actual presidential race, not the fantasy sweepstakes currently occuring among Republican candidates. And Palin’s bus tour gives Bachmann a chance to effectively draw that contrast.


  1. Nothing the left loathes more than a woman speaking her mind.

    1. You know you're right!!! I guess that's why we love the quiet and submissive Elizabeth Warren. Now there's a woman widely known for not speaking her mind.

  2. The left loathes idiots speaking their mind, no matter what their gender (or party, for that matter).

    --Swift Loris

  3. Nothing the left loathes more than a woman speaking her mind.

    Progressives have always historically been the ones fighting for women's rights while conservatives have done the opposite. Both of those women are idiotic demagogues, but they can thank the left for much of the freedom the enjoy today. If you want a refresher course, look at photos on this same page of the racists holding up their signs about race mixing and communism. We can all be sure that they were the conservatives of their time.

  4. Amuse/scare yourself. Look up "bathroomgate".

  5. Oh my god, if only the founders of the republican party could see what became of their cause.


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