19 May 2011

The rescue of an abused dog

Dog lovers will need to decide for themselves whether to watch or to skip over this heartbreaking story with an upbeat outcome.
10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. Often no clean food or water. AAS first saw her at night, lying in the frozen mud, being snowed and sleeted on. Lying in her own feces, surrounded by her own excrement.
I presume the term that the dog was "rescued" means she was extracted by extralegal means, rather than by court order or purchase.

From the files of the Canadian Animal Advocates Society, via Live Leak and Reddit.


  1. I shan't watch. I adore animals. This type of video affects me too deeply, I'll be miserable for days if I do =(

    One happy ending is good to see (or at least know about) though.

  2. I had neighbors who treated their dog this way. But where we lived was so poor; when we contacted the local authorities, including police, no one cared. I felt so bad for her, even when they finally moved out I wondered if she was OK.

  3. People who work to rehabilitate and rehome stray, relinquished, or legally seized animals refer to it as 'rescuing'. The term gets used cover just about any situation where an animal goes from a bad situation to a better one.

    However, from the way the video phrases it, I suspect your interpretation of 'rescue' is correct in this situation. :-)

  4. I just went and gave my two dogs big fat hugs.

  5. I should not have watched that. It breaks my heart.

  6. On the way to a place I worked at 2 years ago there was a house in bad shape, I would on occasion see a bit of a dog pen, and never think much of it.

    During the on icy roads I met another car. (this was a single lane or lane 1/2 road) The other car got over too far and was stuck. This incident happened right in front of the house with the dog pen. The driver of the car and I talked for a moment and heard some dogs making quite a bit of noise. We pulled his car out with my truck and were about to go our own ways when the dogs kicked it up another notch into desperate howling and whining. At this point we both thought that it was far more than just dogs being territorial or wanting attention, so we decided to walk up and see if the dogs were OK.
    When we got up there we found the dogs in filth, no bowl, frozen water, and bloody paws from the fencing. There were two full sized dogs in an area smaller than a play pen.

    We both decided that these people didn't deserve the dogs, I went back to my truck and threw a blanket over the back seats, grabbed a hammer, came back and broke the lock off the pen. We carried the dogs back to my truck. We both called in to work on the way to the vets office.

    Me and the other man are still close friends, and so are our dogs :)

    1. Nice story, and kudos to you for taking the initiative.


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