15 May 2011

10 GB of storage

Found at Sloth Unleashed, via Lushlight.


  1. My first hard drive, mid-'80s, was 10 megabytes. Up till then I'd been using 360K floppies, so 10MB seemed like practically unlimited space.

    (For you youngsters, this was in the days of DOS, pre-Windows, or pre-functional Windows, at any rate; 1.0 was released in 1985.)

    --Swift Loris

  2. My first one was a Mac with 20 MB storage and 2 MB of RAM.

    I moved up to 40/4 a couple years later...

  3. I learned on my grandpa's home-built SWTP PC (1976-77), with 8KB of RAM and dual cassette tape drives. The data was written at 1200 bits/sec, so a 10 minute data tape could hold approximately 80KB Most programs I used loaded in 30 seconds or so.

    My first actual hard drive was 20 MB, and I bought it half-price (only $200) from Radio Shack for my Tandy computer.

    Enough reminiscing :)

  4. I think Marcia Brady had a pair of shoes like that, and I'm sure she had one of those skirts. ;-)

  5. I saw this today at Melbourne Museum:

  6. I always giggle a bit when I see things like that. The micro sd card in my phone is 16gb and you could accidentally inhale it, it's that small. I've got a 1tb external drive on my desk and it's almost full. It always seems that no matter how vast they seem, I fill them.

    There's a store at the local flea market that sells all kinds of old tech stuff. My boyfriend and I were there on Friday, giggling over stuff we remembered from our childhoods and stuff older than us. The disk size is always the most amusing point. I remember about a decade ago upgrading my computer to 1gb of ram and that seemed lightning fast.

  7. Yep, I was thinking about how that would fit on a fingernail now (microSD), and it can handle over 200 degrees of temperature difference and hundreds of G's.

  8. Judging from the era of the clothing, I'd bet that was 10 megabytes, not 10 gig.

  9. @Contrary Guy: You're correct. In that era (1960s), I doubt that operating systems could even _address_ 10 Gigs.



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