21 January 2010

WWII war gas posters

From the archives of the National Museum of Health and Medicine.  It's an amazing photostream of thousands of the favorite photos of the archivists at the museum.


  1. Why would they want to alert on how does it smell like? That would only encourage them to check if it actually does.
    Unless it said "smells like poo and puke and pee", which is not the case.

  2. What they were telling people during the war was "if you live in an apartment in the city and you start to smell musty hay or geraniums, get out of there." Soldiers knew all about this; these posters were for civil defense purposes.

  3. These are simply amazing. I'm a huge fan of things like this and I would love a set of these in my house.

  4. Great posters. That classic art style is always cool.


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