24 January 2010

Disguising a laptop inside a book

One presumes this was created more for hiding one's laptop on the shelf of an apartment rather than as a carrying case per se, because there are lots of cases available, probably with better padding.
Designed to look like a heavy, ancient leather-bound tome, the BookBook notebook sleeve is in fact a zip-open, padded leather-bound tome, a vintage hardback disguise for the MacBook.
Here's the part I think is clever:
...the zipper-pulls resemble, to the uninterested eye at least, bookmark tails...


  1. Not three days ago, my wife put this on her birthday gift list. The scary thing is that it would actually blend in with our décor...

  2. At first I read this as disgusting, a laptop inside a book. My Freudian mistake. It looks good, but it feels so wrong.


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