23 January 2010

Jon Stewart calls Keith Olberman re his name-calling rants

I couldn't find Stewart's bit by itself on YouTube. This is Olberman's rather meek "mea culpa," which incorporates Stewart's spiel. Personally I think Olberman deserved the criticism.


  1. It was great. Oh, and for future reference, the daily show archives every single show and neatly segments them for browsing (a really neat feature is the timeline, which is fun for looking up the Daily Show's take on past events).

    Anyway, the link for this segment is here:


  2. I actually started with the Daily Show video link, but I don't like to embed them because they are padded with ads above and below. In the past I've been able to edit out the ads and just leave the video, but I couldn't do it this time and got fed up after 20 minutes of fiddling with code, so just went to YouTube for the embeddable version.

  3. At one time Olbermann himself expressed a reticence to churn out those special comments on a more-or-less regular basis. He felt they would lose their impact if they were reduced to something akin to a "Daily Outrage" segment, or whatnot. I guess he was right.

  4. Hulu keeps the full show, with a simple editing tool to pull clips. I've used it myself, and it's simple and effective.


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