24 January 2010

Two films by the Lumière brothers (1895)

The top one depicts workers leaving the Lumière factory, and the second shows a train arriving at La Ciotat.

Found at The Clever Pup, which has "interesting articles for interesting people."


  1. Interesting difference in the women's clothing between the two films. They're all gussied up for the train trip.

    Even as late as 1959, when I went away to college, my mother insisted I wear a suit (with a skirt, not a pants suit) on the train. But that was the last time I wore anything but jeans and a sweatshirt when I was traveling.

  2. Ahh so that explains it. Thanks for the mention.


  3. Follow-up: Ultimately, about 10 years later, my mother had become liberated enough to wear a pants suit on a plane trip with my father. She went on and on about how much more comfortable she was.


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