31 January 2010

China will open military bases worldwide

It is common knowledge that China exerts substantial influence worldwide in economic terms.  Now the country has announced that it is considering setting up overseas military bases.
Setting up overseas military bases is not an idea we have to shun; on the contrary, it is our right. Bases established by other countries appear to be used to protect their overseas rights and interests. As long as the bases are set up in line with international laws and regulations, they are legal ones. But if the bases are established to harm other countries, their existence becomes illegal and they are likely to be opposed by other countries.

China develops its military force with a theme of peace in mind. Therefore, we can either develop military forces domestically to maintain peace, or place the forces abroad as long as we take world peace as the ultimate goal...
The first overseas location to be established will probably be in Pakistan:
"It is baseless to say that we will not set up any military bases in future because we have never sent troops abroad," an article published on Thursday at a Chinese government website said. "It is our right," the article said and went on to suggest that it would be done in the neighborhood, possibly Pakistan...

China has helped Pakistan in modernization of its armed forces by supplying latest fighter planes and frigates besides forging close partnership between the armies of the two countries.
In addition to enhancing their ability to monitor and influence Muslim Uigher separatists on the western margins of China, the Pakistani location would also be crucial in protecting China's interest in Middle East oil.

Via Reddit, where there is a good discussion thread on this subject.

Image credit via Lucky Bogey's Blog, which has several posts relevant to this subject.

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