31 January 2010

Pink Floyd + Wizard of Oz

The Dark Side of the Rainbow/Oz (or the Wizard of Floyd) has been debated for a decade. Some of the best synchronicities are depicted in the collation above, and listed in the YouTube "more info" column:
1: The object hanging from the tree = The prism on the album cover of
Dark Side of The Moon.

2: Dorothy balances on a fence rail while the words "Balanced on the biggest wave you race towards an early grave" are sung. Dorothy falls as the words "early grave" are sung. The tempo of the music then changes to work with the movie.

3: When the helicopter noise is heard, Dorothy looks up and pans across the sky as if there really is something going across the sky. Not only does she follow something from right to left but the audio goes from right to left as well.

4: Dorothy opens her mouth in sync with the laughter.

5: The ringing of the alarm bells in "Time" coincides perfectly with the entrance of Elvira Gulch on her bike.

6: "kicking around on a peice of ground in your home town" as Toto escapes from the basket and runs back to the farm. "Waiting for someone or something to show you the way" as Dorothy is in her room wondering what she should do, Toto comes hopping through the window to show her the way.

7: The song fits with the window crashing into Dorothy. The intensity of the song subsides with her falling asleep. The song playing during the entire tornado scene is titled "The Great Gig In The Sky"

8: The ballerinas and munchkins dance in time to the music.

9: Dorothy and the scarecrow's motions are in sync with the music.

10: "The lunatic is on the grass" as the scarecrow does a crazy dance. The song playing is titled "Brain Damage". The scarecrow sings "If I only had a brain" during that part of the movie.

11: The last song on the album concludes with the sound of a heartbeat. You hear this sound as Dorothy and the scarecrow listens for the tinman's heartbeat. *you may need to use headphones for this part*

I was reminded of this today by a piece at Johnny Cat's "Litter Box, " where there are links to two additional non-embeddable videos and some salient discussion of the phenomenon.

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  1. i thought the big seller for me was the 'ch-ching' from 'money' as dorothy opens the door into munchkinland. the movie is in color after that point (much like the prism going from black and white to color on the album)


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