20 January 2010

Texting while driving will be banned in Wisconsin

The bill passed Tuesday... would prohibit people from driving while composing or sending text messages or e-mail messages unless they are operating authorized emergency vehicles. Penalties could be up to $400 for first offenses... Louise Peterson of Fitchburg called the legislation a "fabulous idea," and said drivers' cell phone use should be restricted, too. She said a SUV driver talking on his cell phone crashed into her car while she was driving on Fish Hatchery Road about one-and-a-half years ago, causing about $1,500 worth of damage to her vehicle. "I had to wait for him to get off his phone call before I could yell at him..."
Photo credit Jim Cole/AP


  1. I think banning texting while driving is a great idea, but I also think it's very hard to enforce. It's hard to tell if someone is texting or just trying to dial a phone number sometimes.

  2. Texting is banned while driving here in Utah - and even with the ban it doesn't stop people

  3. @Miriam There is no difference between texting and dialing!

    Texting and talking on the phone while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle have long been banned by law...the law of common sense. I used the phrase 'while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle' because if one is talking or texting then they are certainly not driving.

  4. Texting and hands-on phones were banned in Oregon at the start of the year. OSP have had a couple of high-profile enforcement fests to make the point that they're serious. One saturation patrol picked up 60-some people. Don't recall what the fine is, but I think it's pretty substantial. Hands-free devices are still OK though.

    As a non-driver who spends a fair amount of time watching a fairly busy intersection with lots of distracted pedestrians and bikes, I think this is long overdue.


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