29 January 2010

The thong is now passé

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, whale tails are now a thing of the past, replaced by "boy shorts."  Salon columnist Sarah Hepola is not disappointed:
"...for many of us, the thong was an epic fail -- neither flattering nor comfortable, a permanent wedgie at premium prices...instead of something worn occasionally, the thong became something to wear all the time, every day...
Photo via Jezebel.


  1. If Cosmopolitan says so, then it must be true...

    I'm so glad I don't read this type of magazine, this is all too normative.

  2. Hm. I hope they're right. I never did fancy the look. But I have seen more "boy shorts" in the last year to be sure. They look much more flattering, and if they're more comfortable for the girl then all the better.

  3. I completely disagree. My friends, my mom, and myself still wear thongs and me exclusively so they have it wrong.

    Back when I got my first thong they were all what girls wore in school. Sure, they don't wear them has often now but I can tell you most girls still wear thongs even if its just on occasions.

  4. O RLY, Nicole??? Cosmo declares a fashion trend to be going out of style, but because you and your friends (and your mom!) wear thongs Cosmo must be wrong and you must be right. Kind of heavy on the arrogance there.


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