28 January 2010

"When my child wept, his tears were black."

A 6-minute clip from Werner Herzog's 50-minute film "Lessons of Darkness".  Soundtrack by Grieg, Mahler (2nd Symphony!), Pärt, Prokofiev, Shubert, Verdi, and (obviously) Wagner. I've requested it from our library; should be interesting.

Found at Videosift.

Update: I've just watched the movie.  The clip above is quite representative.  If you like the clip, you'll like the movie (and vice versa).   Mostly it's views of the burning oil fields, but there is one heart-rending segment of a mother being interviewed re the war and saying -
"Even the tears were black.  When my child wept his tears were black."  
After that the soldiers stomped on the child's head, and he hasn't spoken since then.  Her comments refer to the environmental Armageddon they lived through.

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