25 January 2010

No blogging tonight

Brett Favre and I are still recovering from that Vikings-Saints game yesterday...

See you tomorrow.


  1. I am baseball. I never got, liked, followed, watched, much less appreciated football. Head and spinal injuries, why do that?

    Fast-backwards to first Favre/Vikes game last Fall. I tune in as this is a Big Deal around here (Mpls) and I got caught up. At some point this game or the next, can't remember which but I picked the perfect last 20 seconds of the game to let the dogs out and went out to the back yard. I missed seeing that TD but i heard it up and down the alley.

    Sounded like really huge group sex. YES YES GO OH MY GOD GOGO YES.

    So...I watched every minute of every game this year. I have learned a bit about the rules and that teams can have different guys out there depending on the direction they're moving.

    What got me in was Favre. Wow...I get it. I get how great he is. I loved it. I can't say I will ever be a faithful fan. or pay attention, but I had a GREAT time this season. Last night's game was, in my novice opinion, a really great game.I sat down only a few times and I felt awful when it was over.

    I may be back. I'll be 60 in 2 weeks. Apparently I'm a slow learner.


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