27 January 2010

Could the Taliban be "bought off?"

The U.S., Britain, and Japan(?) are leading an effort to develop a cash incentive plan for the Taliban to stop their resistance in Afghanistan.
The scheme would offer cash, jobs and other incentives to the Taliban and fighters in other armed groups...

Parts of the funds would be spent on projects to develop the fighters' villages and  building roads to their communities...  "Many people are not actually fighting for the Taliban but alongside the Taliban because of poverty and other local concerns, because of tribal issues."
More at the link and at this link.


  1. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Do these idiots learn nothing from history? They tried this nonsense with the Huns and Vandals. Paying them off just placates them for a short period, and before you know it they are back asking for greater sums. Eventually they take the money you gave them, use it for better weapons and start attacking all over again and their targets are left poorer and weakened for their efforts. What fools.

  2. While I agree with not giving just giving people with arms money...
    building infrastructure, creating economy, providing sustainable food or the means to it,
    providing safe shelter, giving access to clean water and health care DO create an environment where peace is achievable.
    If people are fed, healthy and safe, there is less motivation to fight.
    If people are hungry, scared and have nothing to lose, they're more likely to fight.
    As for weapons, aren't a lot of them in Afghanistan anyway as a result of the US and the USSR's proxy wars, just like in many states of Africa?

  3. Also, where the is Japan going to get any money to pay the Taliban with, it's not like they aren't spending it stupidly enough as it is. I strenuously object to more of my tax money going to Afghanistan, how about a balanced budget and less stupid. Thank you.

    (I suspect the above may apply to a large number of countries - not just the three I regularly affiliate with)


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