07 January 2013

Teaching by example - electrostatic discharge

Via Neatorama.


  1. That is great. I admire his willingness to suffer in the name of teaching.

  2. Last time I played with an ESD gun, I fried my laptop which was connected to the device-under-test through a USB cable. I

  3. In junior high school science Mr. Tuthill used to have us hold hands. He would zap the first in line with one of those and everyone would get a shock. That was before anyone saw a printed circuit board much less a cellular phone. If a teacher did that now days he would probably be fired.

    1. Our science teacher Mr. Williams did the same thing, and I graduated high school in 2002. I bet they can still get away with it =)

  4. Every year I have to suffer through an ESD Training film at work. I am forwarding this to our training department in hopes it may be added to the curriculae.

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