07 January 2013

Mapping the bombs of the London Blitz

Two screencaps from a comprehensive interactive map at Bomb Sight.  At the original you can pan and zoom, look at specific time periods, and select by type of bomb.  I located two impact sites within a couple blocks of the home where I spent the summer of my sabbatical in the Chiswick/Turnham Green area near Hammersmith.  Fascinating - and sobering.  Exploring the site gives one a better appreciation of what the residents of the greater London area had to endure during the Blitz.

Via Things Magazine.

Addendum:  Reader studiolum notes that a similar map charting the locations of bombs striking Budapest is posted at Poemas del rio Wang.


  1. I just watched some of the Why We Fight series from WWII (on YouTube, as they are public domain) and was struck by the duration of the Battle of Britain which includes the Blitz for the film's purpose. The devastation was incredible and of no military significance at all.

  2. Replies
    1. Inserted as an addendum to the post. Thank you.

    2. Thank you, Stan. In fact, this is not a map of the bombs themselves (as far as I know nothing like that has been published on my city, although I know it has been prepared), but rather a map of the results of the air raids. I have linked this impressive post both to the English and Hungarian version of my post.

    3. This detailed review on the London Blitz Map has just been recommended in commentary.

  3. Sobering. The address where I lived in 1976 was hit by not one but 2 bombs, with four others in the same square. And this was a residential area north of Hyde Park, not an industrial area at all.

  4. My wife saw this graphic and was amazed. Then she asked how much of that red-dotted area would have been destroyed with one nuclear bomb... I said the answer out loud, then what I said caused me to pause. Just one.


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