08 January 2013

A video of anticrepuscular rays

I've posted a photo of anticrepuscular rays before (defined and explained at APOD), but had not previously seen a video until encountering the one above (best viewed on a "mute" setting because of the distracting wind noise).

Found at forgetomori, where there are several more pix and videos.


  1. Binho (from Brazil)January 8, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    this happened in the state of Parana , Brazil

  2. I LOVE anti-crepuscular rays! I didn't know what they were called or how they formed but I suspected that it was a perspective issue. Furthermore, crepuscular is one of my ALL-TIME favorite words: CREPUSCULAR! And I use it as often as I can (which is not very often) especially when someone says cats are nocturnal. Oh no, say I, they are CREPUSCULAR - active at dawn and dusk. Thank you so much.


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