05 January 2012

Immense crocodile

This is "Brutus," a 5.5-meter-long Australian saltwater crocodile in the Adelaide River.  He apparently is something of a celebrity, easily recognized by the absence of his right front leg, and eager for the buffalo meat offerings presented to him during tourist cruises.

Photo credit: Katrina Bridgeford / Rex Features, via The Telegraph.

Marginally related:  "Alligator forceps" should be called "crocodile forceps."


  1. The photo looks altered to me. I doubt it is really that big.

  2. True Phil . . . but he looks big enough!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The 'altered' effect looks like more of an optical/scale effect of the photo - we're inclined to think that the croc is huge in comparison to the man wielding the baton/bait, but looking at the people in the boat that are in line with the croc's shadow, it's relative size is more apparent.

    Checking some of the youtube clips of the croc, it still is immense, but not as large as implied in the photo.


  5. I don't think it's altered. That's an 18-foot critter. Figure 6 feet from the deck to the bottom of the canopy, then a foot or two from deck to the water line.

    There's other pictures of him available if you search him.

  6. I'm sorry. If something like that popped up beside my boat, I would wet my pants. No question.


  7. At least he's not actually in someone's living room... Unlike this chap:


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