02 May 2011

If you see a thin plastic net across the road...

... don't try to drive through it.  It may be a "vehicle arrestor" from Barrier1 Systems ("Barrier1 provides engineering, fabrication, and installation of its products which include its net based reduced risk energy absorbing active vehicle barrier, shallow mount bollards, fixed & removable bollards, crash beam swing gate, electric drop arm gate, quick connect barrier, crash rated fencing, waterway arrestor, and other products.")

Via Geekologie.


  1. I thought of this a long time ago.
    They are missing the real money maker here. Sure the military will give you a billion but why stop there?
    Convince (a$ in lobby) congress that every school crosswalk in america needs this and then -> hang banners and sell the adspace that will have a guaranteed audience whenever there is a red light...

  2. Ccan someone please explain why this isn't extrajudicial punishment by violence or death?

  3. I suppose someone could argue that since this device is directed against suicide bombers that your argument is irrelevant.


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