13 January 2010

Spiral staircase with slide

This appears to be real, although the primary source is not given. I'm intrigued by the presence of a cat litter box under the stairs, next to the (badly-placed) foosball game, and wonder how much this is used by the feline residents. And the more I look at it, the more I think it would be easier going UP to walk on the slide rather than on those tightly-curled steps.  Credit.

A larger version of this circulated on the web several years ago, from an egregiously extravagant mansion in Indiana.


  1. Scott Jones (the guy that owns the mansion in Indiana) definitely has a slide in his house (he talks about it all the time) but I don't think it's connected to a stairwell like that.

  2. If you get going fast enough down the slide, you could fly off right through the window. Wouldn't that be fun?

  3. I'd call that a Cat carrying case, not a Cat Litter box.
    That's a kids dream staircase.

  4. Dornob.com has an article of another of one of these types of staircases. They are out there just a bit pricey still .. but what fun it would be ..


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