31 January 2014

What do these people have in common?

Ingrid Bergman
Werner von Braun
Greta Garbo
Werner Heisenberg
Hubert H. Humphrey
William Hurt
Johannes Kepler
Thomas Mann
Karl Marx
Edvard Munch
Jean-Paul Sartre
Jesse Ventura
Dr. Seuss
Jimmy Olsen (comics)
Bruce Willis
Steve Jobs
Gary Larson

Answer below the fold
They are all famous Lutherans.  The website also lists famous people of other religious affiliations (access via this home page).


  1. this is such a bogus list, Steve Jobs was a practicing Buddhist, and to include Marx makes the list more satire than fact

  2. Since they were raised Lutheran, it could be considered a common denominator for the group, yes? Unless you can find something else to tie these folks together.

  3. I was raised Lutheran and still consider myself one; however, my dad was Dutch Mennonite, I was saved at a non-denominational Dutch Reform church in Chicago, baptized and spirit-filled in a United Methodist church in College Station, Texas, and currently attending a fundamental, non-denominational charismatic mega-church in DFW. I'm kind of a religious mutt.

  4. My mom was a non practicing Lutheran, my dad an ex Catholic and I'm atheist. Could be on the list too?

  5. Now if you'd said they all proselytized for lutefisk...


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