10 January 2014

Modern Americans are "weather wimps"

From my favorite weather blog.   I grew up in Minneapolis at the left side of this graph, when -30F was child's play.  Now you young whippersnappers complain when it's a balmy -15F.  Get off my lawn.


  1. The first time I ever went winter camping it dropped to -35F.

    You get off my lawn!

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning, I needed it.

  2. People in San Francisco cry when it's "freezing" at 45F and "hot" at 78F- clueless!

  3. 20 degrees felt downright balmy after it hit -9 here in Ohio! And this above freezing stuff we are having right now feels like a suffocating heat wave (in cold weather clothes, that is).

  4. And talk about climate change? What about the weather changing from 10 below on Monday to 32 degrees above on Friday. That's what climate change does to you.

    And keep off my lawn you kids.

  5. I suppose itks easy for young folks to be weather wimps wearing flip-flops and pajama pants to the supermarket (in January).
    Dern kids !


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