31 January 2014

Modern foraging for food

Foraging not in dumpsters, but rather in backyards, fields, and parks.

More information at Meadows and More.

Via The Dish.


  1. The CSA I bought a share in last summer did a bit of foraging on top of what they grew. We got wood nettles, elderflowers, and purslane from them. I gave some nettles to a friend when we had too much food one week and she made a delicious soup out of them. I put mine on white pizza. I made elderflower syrup which I haven't finished off. I've used it to flavor water and to make cupcakes. and the purslane makes this amazing light, refreshing salad with tomatoes, lemon juice, and caraway seeds.
    Anyone wanting to forage should of course be wary about eating anything along highways or where people may spray. I'd forage more if I could but the city I currently live in has this ridiculous love for spraying round-up everywhere. :/

  2. I thought this was one of the most insightful posts ever on TYWKIWDBI. Amazing.


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