31 January 2014

Devastated by a rolling stone

The first time I watched this video of the aftermath of a rockfall in Italy, I was baffled by how the footage was obtained.  Apparently this was filmed by a drone (?quadcopter).

More details at The Independent, via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. Neatorama says drone.
    These folks were very lucky. Yikes!

  2. The Italians prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that a rolling stone truly does gather moss.

    –And trees and grape vines and grass and small rocks and dirt and squirrels and walls and houses and small cars and…

  3. And it seems to have happened before! Take a close look at the boulder which rolled through the building. There is another (perhaps bigger) boulder below the building near it which does not seem to have any path leading to it, unlike the one which stopped just short of the building, and the one which actually rolled through it. That, to me, says that this has happened before, and they just cleared up the mess, and went about their lives. Not smart.

  4. Two comments:

    First, they are lucky the one that went through did not hit the main house

    Second, I was in very far north Italy 4 years ago in the South Tyrol, the Puster Valley (Pustertal in German), in the Dolomites (Alto-Adige). Where I was staying had a rock several times bigger than that one, and it was already separated from the main mountain. It freaked me out, and I warned the owner of the hotel, because it looked like it could slip at any time and come down the mountain. She seemed to take it lightly. I was half expecting this video to be of that rock and that hotel.

    ...and one more:

    Italy mudslide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R__3DYQCVnA


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