24 January 2014

Lake Superior agate

I've hunted the North Shore and have seen lots of agates, most of which have a more muted red that tends more toward maroon, making me wonder whether this is aberrant or altered.  But it is an impressive photo, from Wikipedia.


  1. No matter the quality of it, I still think it's beautiful.

  2. Remember, too, that color in photography is highly dependent upon the lighting used.

  3. Hard to say. Many of the cheap, "gift store" type agates are dyed to get the striking colors. However, the striking colors can occur naturally. The white in that specimen is fairly bright which would lead me to guess that it is not dyed.

  4. It appears the stone is natural, but the color may be a bit over emphasized.
    Many cameras come from the manufacturer set to unrealistic color spaces, because as we used to say in the early days of color TV, "It's a good picture, gots lots of color".
    That being said, I've see a small percentage of Lakers that were pretty wild.


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