05 January 2014

Something's afoot on a Florida beach

As reported by Reuters:
Investigators in south Florida are trying to identify a human foot inside a tube sock and midsize white New Balance athletic shoe found by a beach walker on New Year's Day...

The foot was discovered shortly after noon on Wednesday under sea grass at Peck Lake Beach at the north end of Jupiter Island, north of Palm Beach. After a ground and helicopter search over several miles, investigators found a matching shoe but no other human remains.

The shoes were all white except for the New Balance logo, estimated to be size 7-9 and described by Snyder as a running or cross-trainer style.
Posted because when I started TYWKIWDBI, I created a severed foot category, which now has accumulated 28 entries.  I really should stop, but attentive readers keep sending me more reports (hat tip to Keith this time).

1 comment:

  1. There is a certain morbid fascination to it that I can't pin down. One I think that you have noted in the past. It just seems so random (the feet I mean.) That being said, I can understand why you might not want your blog to become a catalog of washed up feet (he said with a knowing little laugh and smile.) This one was interesting to me in that it was in Florida and not the Pacific NW as most or all of the others seemed to be.

    If I see more I will refrain from sending them, unless it’s exceptional of course. I’m thinking two matching left ones just before “Dancing with the Stars” premiers.

    That would be to amazing not to share.

    Warm wishes from Minneapolis.


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