10 January 2014

Here's my "Jackson Pollock" painting

I painted this in less than five minutes.  You can make your own at this link.

It's amazing that I was able to create a meaningful and culturally relevant artwork despite having no formal training in the fine arts.


  1. Nice, but unless I'm missing something the only way to save your work is with Printscreen, which excludes less technically proficient readers from sharing. I think it would add something to have a gallery, and let people vote on their favourites.

    I'll show you mine in two parts. First I created this simple design, and then I added some more paint and finished with this. I think I prefer the simpler version.

    We had a Blue Poles jigsaw puzzle once. It was a gift.

  2. The CIA invented Abstract Expressionism as a purely American form of art to combat the propaganda art coming from Eastern Europe and Asia. It is meant to be easy and simple, anyone can do it, that's the American way!

    1. Thanks, Anon, for the laugh; hopefully this isn't so subtle that anyone misses the humorous intent. I can just see all those agents sitting around a table after the war, having determined *the* way to combat Eastern European propaganda is a new art form, distinctly American because it's so simple anyone can do it. It makes for quite a picture.

  3. Congruatulations... Now the hard part is marketing it in such a way that people think that it's worth spending money on.

    THAT is the true "Art" Of modern art.


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