14 October 2012

Why dashcams are necessary in Russia

(Video deleted because the embed autostarts and has an advertisement).

I haven't found a mirror at YouTube, but it's worth watching at the source link.

As explained at English Russia:
"It’s not always drivers who are to blame for accidents. Sometimes it’s pedestrians who provoke them to happen. All the people you are going to see in this video were looking for some troubles or even for death on the roads.

The Russian laws are rather strict to those who run into people. A driver has to compensate the harm caused in an accident even if his / her fault is not proved. In such cases it’s almost impossible to prove anything..."


  1. And this is why they're necessary in other parts of the world, too:


  2. Why you need a dash cam.
    I've had one for almost two years and it mounts in my 4x4 and on my motorcycles. My coworkers would gather around and watch and listen to my 'jerk of the day' rant every morning. :-)


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