10 October 2012

Volunteers gladly clean up beach pollution

From a story reported by The Pilot back in 2006:
That big container filled with Doritos that grounded off a Hatteras Island beach was one of four that fell off a ship during the recent nor'easter..

As the National Park Service spent most of Thursday securing the site and getting the container removed from the beach, word spread quickly among islanders that bags of Doritos were strewn along the tide line. In no time, dozens of scavengers arrived with garbage bags to collect the booty...

McCutcheon said the container appeared to have been filled with about 400 3-foot by 4-foot boxes of Doritos. Each box held about 20 bags. He said he couldn't tell how many remained after the locals were done with them... Little, if any, evidence remains..

1 comment:

  1. "In related news, five shiploads of fresh fruits and vegetables washed ashore in pristine condition, ripe & ready to eat. Reports say they rotted on the beach..."


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