17 October 2012

A nice memorial

During my "blogcation" last week, I had the opportunity to play a round of golf at Tianna Country Club, in Walker, Minnesota - a course I used to play 50 years ago when it had sand greens that had to be smoothed with a dragged carpet after one completed a hole.  I had not been back in the interim, but remembered the layout and topography of every one of the holes, so it was a real joy to relive pleasant childhood memories.

Scattered around the course were a number of handcrafted stone benches embedded with memorial plaques.  To my way of thinking, memorials like this are a much more appropriate and practical expression of love than spending equivalent $ on elaborate hardware to be buried underground.  As a lifelong hiker/photographer, I particularly also appreciate memorial chairs and benches placed along trails and in public parks.

The second plaque at the base of this bench is a particularly nice touch.


  1. See Thomas Lynch's essay "The Golfatorium" in his book The Undertaking. He is poet, undertaker, and golfer.

    1. I found summaries here -


      and here -



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