19 October 2012

If there is an electoral tie...

The map shows how it could theoretically happen, and the video below explores the nightmarish scenarios that could follow.  Both via The Dish.


  1. Not relevant to this post but is to blog in general...

    1. The state has reversed its decision -


      - noting that the original legislation was aimed at for-profit online courses, not free ones.

  2. The United States was not established as a "majority rule" scenario. It is a representative republic. ("I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the republic for which it stands") Also, the set up so slyly mocked in the above video was designed to protect the interests of each state. The maker of the video somewhat condescendingly calls it an "eighteenth century solution" as if it is antiquated and worthless. It was actually done on purpose by some accomplished and intelligent men. The goal was to keep a few states with overwhelming populations from dominating the discussion among these "united states of America." While the video claims that the current system is unfair to the heavily populated states, it could also be deemed unfair for the less populated states if the system was organized in a stark "majority rules" situation. This is ultimately all about states' rights. We are the United STATES of America, not the United PEOPLE of America. This was all debated quite thoroughly in the Constitutional Convention and in the years preceding it. The video seems to favor a scenario where the majority of the PEOPLE rule. This can quickly become a mob-rule situation. Our founding fathers designed a system where the majority of the STATES rule. This makes it easier for IDEAS, rather than EMOTIONS, to be at the center of the debate. Of course, no system is perfect and corrupt people will always look for ways to abuse the system. I say this as a very conservative person living in off-the-charts-liberal California. I am also near the bottom of the pay scale. So I definitely understand the feeling that circumstances can seem unfair. America has become way too obsessed with "fairness." Perfect fairness is impossible to achieve.

  3. Good points Mr. Benefield!

    America is NOT a democracy, never has been and should not aspire to be. The Greeks proved that it doesn't work. Why is everyone in love with this concept and this word?

    A little light Federalist Papers reading needs to be included amongst all that revisionism in high school history classrooms.

  4. Disclaimer: I'm not an American.

    Im from Europa and there are some thins about 'party democracies' that are just off. I used to envy the USA for having a system in which parties play a smaller role and individuals, presidents, senators a much larger role.

    Following the news now has freed me of this envy. You call it partisanship and it's as bad or probably even worse than here.

    That youtube video you linked, it's like it was made by someone who just loves partisanship. It's like the idea that individuals will try to to the will of the people instead of the will of their parties and lobbies doesn't even exist anymore. Why else would anyone find a president and a vice president from different parties weird. Shouldn't those to men be able to work together fpr the good of your country? Aren't they grown up?

    It's sad sad sad. Well, we will elect next year. That will hit a lot closer to home.

    BTW: That '18th century solution' - you should be proud to have a working solution that's that old. 18th century is when the French had there bloody revolution, Germany wasn't even a nation yet, Spain a failed state and Italy just a weird idea of some independence fighters...


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