24 October 2012

Aircraft carrier balance of power

The graphic is entitled "All the world's aircraft carriers" (although technically, as noted in the Reddit thread, the left column are "amphibious assault ships" for helicopters and vertical-takeoff aircraft.

Further details at the Wikipedia entry.


  1. Perfect! "Speak softly and carry a big stick" - Theodore Roosevelt

    1. But we have never spoken softly, or relied on our "big stick" for defense only.

    2. Actually, if we include all "aircraft" capable ships, there are quite a number missing. Japan for example has some Destroyers with flat decks which could easily be given (if they don't already have it) fixed wing VTOL/STOL capability, and are already designed to operate helicopters like some of the above examples.

    3. Steve, I am really puzzled by what you mean with "we have never spoken softly." According to www.phrases.com.uk the connotation of this quote is "A proverb advising the tactic of caution and non-aggression, backed up by the ability to do violence if required." To say we have "never spoken softly" just simply demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of U.S. history. I can understand if you want to say "sometimes", but "never"?
      As far as the second half of the quote,I am sure that our military has been misused at times. We are not a perfect nation, but the vast majority of the time America has used her military might to try and make the world a better place.

    4. We are not a perfect nation, but the vast majority of the time America has used her military might to try and make the world a better place.

      Hilarious. You accuse me of having no knowledge of U.S. history and then you say something like that, and while we're still embroiled in two wars to boot, one of them completely unjustifiable by any moral measure, predicated on lies, and motivated strictly by elite business interests. We have basically been involved in some kind of constant unjustified military action nonstop since WWII, and that war and WWI are probably the only legitimate ones we've been involved in.

    5. Steve, go right ahead and consider it hilarious. I am very familiar with the history of U.S. wars. I know that my statement is very broad. The heart of our people and our soldiers (and even many of our politicians) has generally been to come to the defense of people and their freedom. Of course it's not always as cut and dry as that. Of course wars have been mismanaged, and politicians have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and individuals have had hidden agendas, and companies have made lots of money. "Making the world a better place" refers to the fact that America has liberated millions of people around the world from murderous dictators. Of course, war is ugly. People are killed. Things are destroyed. Most sensible people would not choose it. Unfortunately, it will be necessary at times as long as there are evil and wicked people in this world.
      The first part of Roosevelt's phrase is all about using up other options first. I notice that you skipped right over your comment that we have "never spoken softly." America has a history of using negotiations, sanctions and other measures to avoid wars (even in Iraq). I know you will think that is hilarious, too, but that's okay. Facts are facts. I am speaking in general terms. This is not the place for multiple details and examples, and I do not have the time to type them out. Your comments about the war that is "predicated on lies" are simply parroted liberal talking points, and they are not even worth the effort of a response.
      As far as "legitimate" wars . . . do you not think that there were dark sides of those wars? War brings out the best is some people and the worst in others. Nearly any point you would want to make against the war in Iraq could be made against World War II (if you're honest). Collateral damage among citizens and infrastructure(very heavy in Europe), businesses getting rich, mismanaged campaigns, soldiers going haywire, possible dishonesty of politicians (many believe that FDR ignored warnings about Pearl Harbor in order to get us into the war - I don't know if he did or not).
      Well, the original post by Stan was about the superiority of the U.S. fleet. I commented that I was very satisfied with that . . . and I stand by that comment.

  2. But do we still have more horses and bayonets?

  3. Great post!

    Do you see? Brazil is in that group! uhul!
    So proud. But not.

  4. Somebody is clearly overcompensating for something...

  5. Well Actually...
    Neither the UK or France have a working carrier right now. The UK's carriers are still being made. And I think the French one is being rebuilt.

    In fact, UK and French crews are serving and training on US carriers so they don't loose their operations skill sets while they wait for their ships to come in to service.

  6. Has China's carrier ever passed her sea trials? I didn't think she was even out of drydock yet.

  7. Some are lacking, for instance those three french amphibious assault ships :


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