18 October 2012

Ginseng theft

Theft (and destruction) of wild ginseng is an increasing problem in Wisconsin and other midwestern states:
Cody Adams, a DNR warden in Crawford County, said camouflage-dressed thieves illegally ripping the root from the ground leave little chance of its long-term survival. "There’s a right way and a wrong way to harvest it — and a designated time," Adams said in a news release. "These thieves are pulling the root from the ground causing damage that could prevent the plant from surviving and regrowing."

The motive is money, and grabbing the slow-growing plants now before the ginseng season opens on Sept. 1. Ginseng, which sold for $200 per pound last year, could rise to $500 per pound this year, the DNR said...

The DNR is reminding ginseng harvesters that they need a license (cost is $15.75) and permission from the landowner. Also, harvesters must immediately bury the plant’s berries to ensure the plant grows back.
These tactics are employed by the same type of people who use machetes and chainsaws to cut the horns off living rhinos (photo below the fold) (warning: gore), and for the same reason - to treat flaccid penises around the world.


  1. So much for the wisdom of alternative medicine. Maybe if we dispensed Viagra and other effective penis-stiffening drugs we could save the rhinos from our species.


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