22 August 2011

This is Mahatma Kane Jeeves

He often contributed to the scripts of his films, under unusual pseudonyms such as... "Mahatma Kane Jeeves", a play on mahatma and on a phrase an aristocrat might use when about to leave the house: "My hat, my cane, Jeeves".


  1. The ever famous and quoted Mr W.C. Fields. It's rumored that he had hundreds of bank accounts under assumed names, and when he died no one was sure if they got them all.

  2. Oh, crap, was Bill funny.

    The first time I saw ANY scene of his films, he was riding in an airplane. It had a rear deck. He went back to have a nip, as he was wont to do. As he saw his niece come to the door, he stashed his half-pint bottle, not wanting her to see it. When she went back inside, he placed it on the railing and inadvertently knocked it off. He jumped after it!

    Switch to a castle of sorts, with a pool, a beautiful woman and a trampoline.

    Down comes W.C. bouncing SEVERAL times before coming to rest.

    When he jumped after the bottle, I thought, "WTF?!"

    Yes, it was all explained. Yes, I got hooked. I can hardly even THINK of W.C. Fields without smiling from ear to ear, and unable to help myself.

    Who else would think of taking a grumpy, crotchety old saw horse and making a career of it?

  3. I saw the image and thought it was Winston Churchill. So similar, except that war stuff.


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