28 August 2011

The Sylphina Angel butterfly

When seen in flight the transparent wings of this exquisite butterfly reflect a myriad of glittering colours - a kaleidoscope of iridescent green, blue, pink and golden hues that hold the observer spellbound as it flickers it's wings in bright sunlight. As it flutters rapidly around bushes and shrubs it could easily be mistaken for a damselfly, and it is not until it settles under a leaf and stops fluttering that it reveals its true identity.
Source, via.


  1. It looks as though the lower left part of its wing has been damaged. Would that have been from a predator?

  2. It could have been from a bird/spider attack, or it could reflect a degree of normal wear and tear. Some butterflies wind up impressively battered and tattered before their brief lifespan is up.

  3. Do a Google Image search for "glasswing" and see pictures of more transparent winged butterflies


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