28 August 2011

The NYC hurricane (of 1954)

When I saw this photo at Black and WTF, I thought the man was trying to hold the tree up.  Such was not the case -
1954 - A passerby holds on to a tree for support as hurricane swept waves hammer the sea wall adjacent to the Belt Parkway near 72nd Street in Brooklyn. The New York area and the New Jersey coastline were battered by Hurricane Carol...
- but it still looks like that to me.


  1. Either he has on one heck of a hat or we have photographic evidence of a Fox news reporter well ahead of his time.

  2. You sure that's not a lost out-take from a Buster Keaton film?

  3. Strangely enough, about two or three days before Hurrican Irene hit the east coast, I was watching a program about this very hurricane and what might happen if a catagory 3 hurricane hit New York. Not a lot of people realize that New York had been hit by hurricanes in the past.

  4. link to nyc hurricane history

  5. Am I the only one bothered when storms are personfied with words like 'wrath' and 'vengence'?


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