04 August 2011

"The Silence of Love"

One of a series of heart-wrenching ads from a Thai life insurance company (see also here and here, and you can find others at YouTube).


  1. That was an incredibly powerful story. I have to admit that I started to tear up when she rejected his good bye at school and openly cried when they showed him with the birthday cake. I wouldn't have thought it was an ad except for that few seconds at the end.

  2. With deep gratitude from an imperfect father.

  3. The Huffington Post implied that the father "makes the ultimate sacrifice" - which, if this is what the commercial intended to portray, seems manipulative at best... did they need all his blood because he didn't have insurance or something?

  4. I think you can see his chest rising and falling while lying on the bed next to his daughter, but that may have been poor framing of the shot (if implying he gave his life for her was the intention).
    I guess it's open for interpretation.

  5. That is more "Christian" than anything I've seen in the U.S.

    Maybe we don't have communism and atheism as figured out as we think we do?

    Love transcends all belief systems. And this was a story about love.

  6. @Anonymous -- maybe you're confusing Thailand with China? Thailand, over the last 10 years has gone back and forth from Democracy/Constitutional Monarchy to rule by military junta. Communism never enters into it.

    Additionally, the religious breakdown of the country is ~95%Buddhist and ~5% Muslim....so, not particularly atheistic either.


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