06 August 2011

A maze made with salt

The artist is Motoi Yamamato; the installation appears to have been in Cologne, Germany last year.  Another photo showing the entire 12-meter diameter work is at this link.

Via Nan Koenig's tumblr.  Photo credit Stefan Worring.


  1. Not being picky here, just genuinely curious. Is "made with salt" really correct? Or should it be "made of salt" or "made from salt"? Again, not being picky by any means - just itching to know if one is generally accepted as being gramatically correct, or if it's more of a regional-usage thing. Anyone?

  2. I don't know the answer to your question, but there are a couple copyeditors who read this blog and may comment.

    As I think about it, if the artwork had been carved from a block of salt, I would have said "made of salt" or "made from salt." The labyrinth has a salt component and an empty component, so I think that's why "with" came to mind.

  3. You've got a point there. After all, it looks more like a painting or drawing than anything else, and you certainly wouldn't say that a painting was made "from" paint or ink - they're made "with" paint.
    But then again, one could always take the reductionist approach and say that a painting is made OF pigments and some sort of substrate/frame.


  4. M'stan, that works for me. Nicely explained.

    --Swift Loris

  5. And just where IS Waldo?

  6. When do they add the slug?


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