12 August 2011

"I see London, I see France..."

A television news program in Tampa Bay, Florida, is reporting that at least some Macy's department stores have the privacy doors in their changing rooms installed backwards.
That means that any employee - or customer - standing up against the door can see inside.  But the person getting changed cannot see out. Macy's acknowledged installing the doors backward as a loss-prevention method... The company appears to have been installing privacy blinds backward for a number of years all across the country, whenever state law allows it. In Florida, 10 News was able to gather video of the compromised privacy from Macy's stores in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Orlando, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and Naples.  Not every door at every store was inverted, but the majority observed were.
Video at the station's website.  In a followup report they found the same arrangement at a Saks Fifth Avenue store.  

Via The Consumerist, with a hat tip to CCL.


  1. Amazing breach of trust. Not surprised. Corporations seem to think they can do anything in the name of profit these days. I realize theft is a huge problem and we all pay for it, but this was not a viable solution.

  2. every macys ive been to has backward doors. i just stand to the side instead of in front of the [closed] door


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