25 August 2011


The name comes from the Greek krokos, meaning “saffron,” a reference to the bright red-orange color of the mineral, which typically forms prismatic crystals sometimes two or more inches in length...

Its chemical formula is PbCrO4... The mineral was first described scientifically after its discovery in the 1760s in Berezovskoe, a gold-mining district on the east slope of Russia’s Ural Mountains. Frank Mihajlowits mined the specimen above in the 1970s at the Adelaide Mine in the Dundas area of Tasmania, Australia... the Honorable Sir Guy Stephen Montague Green, proclaimed the adoption of crocoite as the mineral emblem of Tasmania...

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  1. Krokus is the name of a Greek town where saffron is grown/produced. Saffron comes from the flower of the saffron crocus.

    Wikipedia: Krokus


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